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Tech giants unveil breakthrough AI and edge computing solutions across various industries

Tech giants unveil breakthrough AI and edge computing solutions across various industries

Several technology firms have introduced new innovations aimed at transforming industries through advanced AI and edge computing solutions.

Aetina and Tupl partner to enhance AI Vision solutions in factories

Aetina and Tupl have announced a global technological partnership aimed at advancing the use of AI vision solutions in factories worldwide. The collaboration also aims to address common manufacturing challenges, such as reliance on manual labor and inconsistencies in production, by combining Aetina’s NVIDIA Jetson Orin module with Tupl’s AI Engine, TuplOS.

The new technological ecosystem developed through this partnership is expected to improve operational efficiency and productivity in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) processes at the edge. Key features include automated part inspection, easy maintenance, quick deployment, and real-time AI monitoring for better decision-making and process optimization.

Pablo Tapia, chief technology officer at Tupl, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the successful integration of Aetina’s Jetson devices in several factory AI Vision projects and praising the technical support provided by Aetina engineers.

Kuankuan Cao, regional business united head – EMEA at Aetina, emphasizes the broader impact of the collaboration, suggesting potential applications beyond manufacturing, such as in agriculture and farming.

Both companies are committed to exploring further applications of their edge AI-driven technology in automated industrial inspection, aiming to enhance productivity and efficiency across various operational landscapes.

Advantech launches new edge AI server solution for generative AI

Advantech has introduced the AIR-520 edge AI server, featuring Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ technology and powered by an AMD EPYC 7003 series processor. The server integrates SQ ai100 AI SSDs, NVIDIA RTX GPU cards, and an edge AI SDK, designed for deploying generative AI solutions.

The AIR-520 supports large language models (LLMs) for enterprise knowledge management, enhancing productivity and decision-making while ensuring data privacy. Advantech offers four models tailored for different applications, from real-time chatbot interactions to data analysis.

The design of the AIR-520, coupled with Advantech’s software services, facilitates the deployment and long-term maintenance of AI solutions. This includes an edge AI SDK and genAI training studio for customer-specific LLM training.

Lanner Electronics introduces ECA-6051 edge AI server for 5G infrastructure

Lanner Electronics has unveiled the ECA-6051 edge AI server, based on the NVIDIA MGX reference architecture. The server aims to accelerate AI training and inference in 5G infrastructure with features such as the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and support for multiple GPUs.

The ECA-6051, designed for low latency multi-access edge computing applications, is equipped with an NVIDIA Grace CPU, up to 1,536GB DDR5 memory, and a modular design supporting various GPUs and DPUs. This enhances AI and networking performance at the 5G edge, providing a scalable platform for telecom operators.

CTO Jeans Tseng highlights the significance of the ECA-6051 in pioneering 5G edge computing innovations, offering a future-proof, modular platform that accelerates telco edge deployments and reduces total cost of ownership.

Supermicro launches X14 server portfolio with Intel Xeon 6 processors

At Computex 2024, Supermicro announced its X14 server portfolio, supporting Intel Xeon 6700-series and 6900-series processors. These servers are designed for a range of applications including AI, cloud, storage, and 5G/edge.

The X14 systems feature advancements such as liquid cooling for better energy efficiency and support for the OCP Data Center Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS).

Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro, emphasizes the flexibility and customization options of the X14 servers, which are optimized for various applications from data centers to the edge. Supermicro’s comprehensive liquid cooling solutions further enhance the efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership for data centers.

Lenovo introduces ThinkSystem V4 portfolio for AI integration

Lenovo has announced its ThinkSystem V4 portfolio, powered by Intel Xeon 6 processors, to make AI accessible for businesses of all sizes. These solutions are optimized for various workloads, with the aim of enhancing operational decision-making, management efficiency, and productivity.

The portfolio includes new ThinkSystem servers designed for rack density and massive transactional data, maximizing performance and efficiency. Lenovo’s Neptune liquid-cooling technology further reduces power consumption, supporting the high performance demanded by AI.

Kirk Skaugen, president of Lenovo infrastructure solutions group, highlights the company’s commitment to delivering AI solutions that are accessible, fair, and inclusive. The ThinkSystem V4 portfolio is engineered to meet the evolving needs of businesses, providing robust security and efficiency enhancements.

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