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Lenovo unveils Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge to empower data-driven workloads

Lenovo unveils Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge to empower data-driven workloads

Lenovo has unveiled the availability of Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge. The company says the offering allows customers to access cloud computing closer to the edge.

Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge combines hybrid cloud and edge computing, extending cloud capabilities to where data is generated and consumed. Lenovo notes that it optimizes storage and processing power, and enhances performance, responsiveness and efficiency for specific use cases across industries.

According to Craig Routledge, Truscale’s executive director of hybrid cloud services, IT departments realize the importance of edge computing for staying competitive. However, they often face competing priorities that prevent them from giving edge computing the attention it deserves.

“Truscale Hybrid Cloud for edge is a smarter, more reliable path to edge implementation that works across configurations from edge to core to cloud and can be deployed quickly across geographies for many innovative uses,” Routledge adds.

Lenovo notes that it also offers data capacity and processing optimization for various industries, including manufacturing, retail, smart infrastructure, smart cities, healthcare and security.

TruScale Hybrid Cloud for edge enables the deployment of solutions across geographies and use cases. With the proper infrastructure and a focus on security, Lenovo says it ensures the safety of data and infrastructure through a Zero Trust supply chain and Root of Trust approach.

The company also notes that its smart solutions offer scalable options for diverse needs, in limited spaces. Its managed services can handle operational workloads, enabling teams to focus on strategic projects. TruScale Hybrid Cloud for edge also has a lower minimum utilization commitment, making it accessible to a wider range of organizations.

Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge offers a flexible and scalable solution with pay-as-you-go consumption, a dedicated Lenovo customer success manager and improved operational efficiency through the Truscale Cloud Management platform.

In 2023, Lenovo expanded its TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) framework to make advanced edge AI capabilities more accessible for businesses. By bringing AI closer to the source of data generation, Lenovo says it aims to serve various applications, including generative AI, computer vision and virtual assistants.

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