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Aramco deploys FogHorn Lightning Edge AI Platform to improve automation processes

Aramco deploys FogHorn Lightning Edge AI Platform to improve automation processes

FogHorn has entered a new partnership with integrated energy and chemicals giant Aramco.

The collaboration will see Aramco deploy the FogHorn Lightning Edge AI Platform to support its digitalization and standardization efforts across various facilities.

The solution is designed to exploit the potential of camera sensors through edge computing.

In other words, FogHorn’s Lightning Edge AI Platform works by processing high-bandwidth sensor data by embedding intelligence at or near the source of streaming.

The result is extremely low latency for onsite image processing and analysis, which in turn translates to improved automation and digitalization processes, as well as improved remote management of operations.

“Camera-based edge analytics enables automation of remote energy facilities and supports our IoT edge infrastructure,” commented Aramco CEO Mahdi Adel.

Edge analytics from camera systems data also reportedly helps Aramco to streamline operations and provide staff with mission-critical information to make time-sensitive decisions.

“The Lightning Edge AI Platform facilitates the integration of new sensors and collects, validates, and enriches sensor data to identify patterns and create models that predict and mitigate problems, leading to more efficient operations,” Adel explained.

“Our FogHorn-powered solutions enable real-time responses and help optimize production and safety at our facilities.”

In terms of specific applications, Aramco said the FogHorn solution will be initially deployed in three different scenarios.

Firstly, remote drilling rig inspection will allow workers to monitor blowout preventer activity via a dashboard and effectively interrupt operation during a well control incident.

Secondly, the Lightning Edge AI Platform will be utilized to facilitate on-site safety compliance, in concert with Aramco’s own IR 4.0 Safety Eye automated surveillance system.

Finally, the FogHorn suite will be deployed to monitor emissions for environmental compliance, and particularly flare gas recovery systems to minimize flaring and the resulting emissions.

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