WPX Energy uses Hivecell to create data pipeline from drilling operations, apply ML for efficiency

WPX Energy uses Hivecell to create data pipeline from drilling operations, apply ML for efficiency

Edge-as-a-Service company Hivecell announced that WPX Energy has implemented the Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service for Confluent solution. The solution is designed for true real-time decision making and future potential closed-loop control optimization, which the company hopes to achieve in 2021 at its drilling and completion operations in the oil fields of West Texas and North Dakota.

As oil companies are increasingly under pressure to escalate drilling operation efficiency, WPX Energy uncovered that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are key to achieving optimal results. The company is currently building its data pipeline and edge stream process solution leveraging Confluent, an enterprise-ready event streaming platform that manages the raw data from Apache Kafka. Eventually, Confluent will allow WPX Energy to conduct edge stream processing to enable true real-time decision making at well site, as well as replicate business-relevant data streams produced by the ML models and analytical preprocessed data at the well site to the cloud, enabling WPX to harness the full power of its real-time events.

WPX Energy combined this with Hivecell’s simple, scalable edge computing solutions with a goal to take the compute power out of the cloud and place it at the true edge, the company’s remote oil field locations. Hivecell will enable WPX Energy to easily deploy, manage and scale its future ML models at the well sites.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Hivecell and Confluent and their ability to help us realize the benefits of what we’re working on, like stream processing at the edge and potential closed-loop control optimization, which may lead to realization of partial autonomous drilling in the future” said Dingzhou Cao, data science manager, WPX Energy. “We’re seeing great promise from our lab and pilot field testing of these solutions and are eager to eventually deploy them to the field in scale to boost our overall operations.”

“By coupling Hivecell with Confluent, organizations can easily and efficiently extract business insights from hundreds or thousands of remote locations,” said Jeffrey Ricker, cofounder and CEO of Hivecell. “We were thrilled to work with the WPX Energy team to build out their solution as they begin to embark on the possibilities of smart drilling. Further, I’m confident our solutions will be able to keep pace as the team at WPX continues to do even more with ML.”

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