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Zella DC, C&C Technology Group forge partnership to set new data center benchmarks

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Zella DC, C&C Technology Group forge partnership to set new data center benchmarks

Zella DC and C&C Technology Group have partnered with the aim of revolutionizing data center services in the US. 

Zella DC offers micro data centers, which the company says compliments C&C Technology Group’s industry experience. The company also notes that its portfolio includes indoor/outdoor micro data centers and scalable containerized data centers, providing businesses with a standardized solution for on-premise data center deployment.

Josh Mahan, the managing principal of C&C Technology Group, says: “Combining Zella DC’s cutting-edge micro data center technologies with our extensive market presence and expertise, we are set to offer unparalleled infrastructure solutions that are both efficient and sustainable.”

The two companies aim to transform the US data center industry, setting new standards for service offerings. Both organizations emphasize their commitment to innovation, customer service and environmental sustainability.

Angie Keeler, CEO of Zella DC, shares the vision of redefined data center solutions that focus on sustainability and efficiency. 

“C&C Technology Group’s deep understanding of the US market and strong customer relations, combined with our innovative approach to micro data centers, will allow us to make a significant impact in the industry,” adds Keeler.

In Western Australia, Zella DC offers edge-ready and containerized micro data centers. Its solutions cater to businesses across industries, providing IT equipment storage and utilization at the edge.

C&C Technology Group, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, provides technology infrastructure solutions. Its 40-year history specializes in audiovisual, ICT, security, data center and intelligent building technologies across various industries.

In a recent EdgeIR article, Zella DC CEO Angie Keeler explores the benefits of embracing the hybrid cloud. While the public cloud has gained popularity for its scalability and flexibility, Keeler explains that a one-size-fits-all approach may not suit all businesses. 

Recognizing the importance of retaining control over sensitive data, many companies are turning to hybrid cloud solutions. Keeler notes that this approach bridges the gap between on-premise infrastructure and the public cloud, offering a compelling solution for organizations.

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