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Acumera spreads edge computing across 2,600 US pizza and outlet stores via Casey’s pairing

Acumera spreads edge computing across 2,600 US pizza and outlet stores via Casey’s pairing

Edge networking and computing platforms provider Acumera is collaborating with US-based convenience store and pizza chain Casey’s to support the company’s digital transformation and edge computing initiatives.

The pairing comes as Casey’s looks to enable a scalable technology foundation across its over 2,600 locations in the United States. The company notes that the Acumera reliant platform will integrate with Casey’s legacy systems and accommodate modern application architectures, providing a core software foundation for retail, fuel, and hospitality application providers with specific operating requirements.

Sanjeev Satturu, Chief Information Officer for Casey’s, says: “With edge computing Casey’s is bringing processing power into the store where it’s needed the most as it enables flexibility to run software apps on devices for our team members to best serve our guests.”

The Acumera Reliant platform aims to provide the opportunity to lower the total cost of ownership by hardware consolidation and extending Casey’s overall front-end hardware lifecycle.

“Today’s modern convenience, retail and hospitality brands operating at scale face significant challenges, with a requirement to deliver next-generation applications and experiences consistently across thousands of locations,” adds Phil Stead, VP of sales at Acumera.

“With the Acumera reliant platform, legacy systems, container-based applications, and digital content are all delivered and managed at scale, along with fully integrated monitoring and observability.”

According to both companies involved, the collaboration enables Casey’s to take an agnostic approach to cloud hosting providers, physical edge hardware vendors, and third-party application vendors. Acumera’s centralized cloud management has been extended to Casey’s build partner, facilitating system staging at scale.

Mike Heine, director business technology and architecture for Casey’s, comments: “Edge computing is a foundation for technology to scale with our business growth, creates efficiencies that make technology smart and convenient and leads to a friction-free experience for our Team members and Guests.”

Casey’s notes it will retain full control as a result of choosing the Acumera reliant platform.

“Casey’s deployment of Acumera reliant platform is now the foundation for consistent operations and represents a singular approach to all next-generation system delivery across all new initiatives – all able to operate locally with high availability without WAN connectivity,” states Richard Newman, CRO at Acumera.

This is not the first time Acumera has had involvement in the retail and food sector as in 2022, the company acquired Reliant, a provider of edge computing solutions for retail and restaurants.

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