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No one knows more about the challenges businesses face when it comes to housing critical ICT infrastructure within the office or remote site better than the businesses themselves….and Zella DC. The bold idea to completely eliminate the need to build dedicated server rooms within the office space anywhere and everywhere while saving money on energy and space at the same time was where it all began. That was over a decade ago and we have not stopped innovating since.

Today Zella DC simplifies the selection, flexible configuration and delivery of robust customised micro data centres that generates confidence in our partners and customers that their valuable business technology will operate at 100% capacity and be protected in any environment and against any threat.

We don’t do this with our heads in the sand. We take customer feedback so seriously that each and every time we receive feedback a change is made, no matter how small to improve the product and the way our customers feel about us. That’s how important it is to us.

Our team is made up of passionate, experienced and knowledgeable people that are dedicated to the micro data centre industry and focused on building something so amazing that you will never worry about your ICT infrastructure again. To find out more visit us at

Zella DC Recent News


IIJ launches DX Edge data center offering in Japan

Internet Initiative Japan Inc., one of Japan’s leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers, signed a partnership agreement with Zella…

Oct 13, 2021

Zella Hut micro-edge data center deployed in Japan for IIJ; don’t ask for a pizza

Micro data center provider Zella DC has announced the successful deployment of its first micro data center in Japan. The…

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