Xage Security Fabric, Stratus’ ztC Edge computing platform help secure critical operations

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Xage Security Fabric, Stratus’ ztC Edge computing platform help secure critical operations

Stratus Technologies announced that Xage Security’s Fabric solution has been validated on the Stratus ztC Edge computing platform. The move was confirmed after performance testing conducted by Xage Security and will see the integration of the Stratus ztC Edge and Stratus ftServer computing platforms into its edge, enterprise, and cloud operations.

The partnership between the companies will reportedly enable the deployment of both highly available and scalable cybersecurity solutions designed to secure critical infrastructure and protect operational data from the controller to the cloud.

“Companies have been forced to rethink strategies for enabling secure remote collaboration and developing new opportunities for revenue in order to survive,” commented Xage CEO Duncan Greatwood.

“Edge Computing is a critical foundation for effective cybersecurity in Industry 4.0 environments, and Xage and Stratus are meeting today’s challenges head-on,” he added.

For context, Stratus specializes in autonomous solutions designed to facilitate the deployment and maintenance of zero-touch edge computing platforms.

Xage, on the other hand, provides a zero-trust identity-based remote access solution intended for users, applications, and machines.

“Together, we are assisting customers with digital transformation to better manage geographically distributed and multi-party operations,” Greatwood added.

The integration of Xage Security Fabric within Stratus computing platforms will now facilitate the deployment of edge solutions thanks to a variety of security features, including Universal Tamperproof Protection, Dynamic Data Security, and others.

According to the firms, edge solutions deployed via the combination of Stratus and Xage’s technologies are particularly suited to industries where data loss and downtime are unacceptable.

These include Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pharma, Food & Beverage, and Material Handling.

“New, complex cybersecurity threats targeting industrial operations are putting greater strain on companies’ limited resources and staff already focused on modernization,” warned Jason Andersen, Vice President of Business Line Management at Stratus.

“Running Xage on ztC Edge enables teams to easily and reliably deploy a robust set of security capabilities across an operation, without the need for specialized skills, making for the perfect combination of zero-touch compute and zero-trust security.”

Xage is currently offering to Stratus customers a three-month free trial of Zero Trust Remote Access, which includes the Xage Security Fabric as well as the use of a preconfigured on-premises Xage Node that uses ztC Edge for policy enforcement.

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