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Stratus has new program for OEMs, integrators building edge computing systems

Stratus has new program for OEMs, integrators building edge computing systems

Stratus Technologies has launched a new value-added reseller (VAR) program enabling OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solutions Builders to profitably develop and deliver edge computing-based offerings to enable customers’ Industry 4.0, digital transformation, and IIoT initiatives. Stratus offers third parties platform pricing, Embedded Services, training, and certification as they incorporate edge computing to differentiate their solutions, deliver valuable low-risk implementations for customers, and create new business and revenue sources.

“OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solution Builders have a tremendous opportunity to solve their customers’ challenges around remote operation, OT and IT convergence, and automation. Stratus Edge Computing is one of the fastest ways for organizations to quickly and reliably transform existing infrastructure or bring smart, connected products to market,” explains Aric Prost, Senior Director of OEM Business at Stratus. “Our new program provides the economics that VARs require to embed Stratus Edge Computing into their offerings at scale as well as the resources and support they need for customer success. Our program directly supports third parties in using Edge Computing to develop and deliver a wide range of high-value capabilities and generate new revenue.”

“Stratus is a visionary in meeting the needs of machine builders who need to develop new offerings for Industry 4.0 environments and IIoT technology. Stratus Edge Computing gives us the ability to bring our customers there. Stratus’ unique box of available technology – virtualization, redundancy, protection, security, customizable availability, and industrial interoperability – is a leap forward over traditional IPCs and server configurations,” adds Michele Vario, OEM and Business Development Director, Wonderware Italia.

Accelerating Development of Edge Computing-based Solutions

Across industries, organizations face the need to transform legacy architectures, capture and secure data, and continuously run business-critical applications at the operational edge. Stratus’ program for VARs – OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solution Builders – presents an accessible way to bring simple, protected, and autonomous zero-touch Edge Computing to their customers, and lowers the barrier to developing smart, connected products, product-as-a-service models, or purpose-built automation solutions that converge OT and IT.

The Stratus VAR Program provides partners with the means to integrate Stratus platforms to deliver new edge capabilities or capabilities that were previously too complicated to add to existing machines and equipment. Additionally, teams are able to save significant time in setting up and deploying solutions with plug-and-play integration to existing architectures. The program also ensures that platforms may be purchased at a price within the VAR’s budget to deliver reliable technology to customers at scale. Stratus offers two Edge Computing platforms:

– Stratus ztC Edge – a zero-touch, secure, and highly-automated Edge Computing platform purpose built for critical equipment and distributed control architectures at the operational edge for continuous availability in harsh environments.

– Stratus ftServer – Edge Computing for the control center and local data center to handle heavier workloads and data flows with the highest level of fault tolerance for critical business applications and data.

As part of the program, Stratus offers training, certification, and accreditation services for successful Edge Computing selling, and platform support through the Stratus’ global network of experienced systems engineers. The program also provides co-marketing opportunities to support business development and Edge Computing awareness.

Embedded Services Reduce Implementation Risk and Sustain Value

The Embedded Services component of the program increases equipment value by augmenting it with the option of multiple service levels and a la carte options allowing VARs to maximize the end user’s return on their investment. Embedded Services provide the means to support customer deployments or to create new service and support revenue offerings in tandem with deployment.

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