Weaveworks’ GitOps update streamlines, secures Kubernetes deployments cloud-to-edge

Weaveworks’ GitOps update streamlines, secures Kubernetes deployments cloud-to-edge

Weaveworks, known for its GitOps Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery, has released a new version of its platform. The latest release enables enterprises to automate application delivery and secure infrastructure on-premise, in the cloud and at the edge.

Weaveworks says that using its GitOps platform, IT teams can securely deploy applications in any Kubernetes environment through advanced progressive delivery strategies. Some of the new features in GitOps 2022.09 include accelerated application onboarding, application delivery automation, and a new dashboard. Among GitOps 2022.09 new capabilities:

  • More application deployment strategies–The GitOps 2022.09 automation feature allows users to choose a deployment strategy so that engineering teams can deploy new code using progressive delivery. By doing this, they can monitor the progress of a deployed application and trigger an automatic response procedure if any problems arise.
  • Security integration–GitOps will now include over 100 security policies that cover industry standards that can be enforced on Kubernetes clusters.
  • Application portability–The team workspace makes it possible to change control policies and decrease errors while reducing governance overhead.

“Our goal is to remove the unnecessary complexities and toils that teams go through with each production deployment: deploying into production should be as easy as snapping your fingers,” said James Wilson, Weaveworks director of product management. “With GitOps a developer can easily define a deployment strategy, and then it’s a simple git push to roll out to production.”

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Weaveworks designed GitOps Enterprise for businesses that want to automate and scale their Kubernetes clusters. According to the company, this single management platform enables DevOps engineers to self-serve cluster management requirements while adhering to corporate standards. The multi-cluster control provides users with a single dashboard to access multiple public cloud providers.

The company also includes Policy as Code within the GitOps pipeline to promote continuous security and compliance. This approach guarantees that a security benchmark is uniform ly applied across an organization’s applications and infrastructure. It also enables administrators to tailor security policies based on the environment, workload, geography and other factors.

Weaveworks’ GitOps allows businesses to deploy container-based applications without making code changes. As the company says, “This brings the power of progressive delivery to any microservice.”

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