Lenovo introduces sustainability, security innovations on ThinkSystem anniversary

Lenovo introduces sustainability, security innovations on ThinkSystem anniversary

On the 30th anniversary of its ThinkSystem servers, Lenovo, a global tech company, has announced new sustainability and security innovations to help offset emissions, reduce energy consumption and improve asset disposal.

Today, many consumers expect organizations to make a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole. To that end, Lenovo says its improved portfolio includes sustainability services, packaging and product design enhancements to help customers achieve their environmental goals. Lenovo also announced new sustainability services, including the extension of its Lenovo CO2 Offset Services to select Lenovo ThinkSystem servers. These services help companies offset emissions by supporting United Nations climate action projects.

In addition to its services, Lenovo offers pay-as-you-go utilization with TruScale Sustainability. These advancements help prevent over-provisioning and support reduced energy consumption, the company says. Additionally, Lenovo Asset Recovery Services can assist with end-of-life asset disposal.

The fifth generation of Lenovo Neptune Direct Water-Cooling technology, reduces power consumption by up to 40 percent and makes industry-leading data center efficiency available to more types of servers. To accomplish this task, recycling loops of warm water cool down systems. In addition, innovative packaging design saved over 3.5 million pounds of cardboard, the company says.

Lenovo also has a globally engineered supply chain ranked ninth in the world by Gartner. According to Lenovo, its supply chain efficiency guarantees that its outputs are not only quickly made but also efficiently delivered. By having a leading, localized manufacturing and supply chain, Lenovo says it meets local requirements while helping to reduce the product’s carbon footprint. As Lenovo is working towards net-zero by 2050, these advancements help the company meet sustainability goals, the company says.

Lenovo also enhanced its security portfolio. For example, according to Lenovo, ThinkShield Security now provides greater IT resiliency and modern infrastructure security features. The Lenovo Modular Root of Trust detects and remedies cyberattacks and digital vulnerabilities by incorporating stronger tamper detection and monitoring into the chip design. Lenovo System Guard provides advanced hardware monitoring to ensure greater security during manufacturing, delivery and deployment. Additionally, Lenovo’s supply chain tamper prevention aligns with the most rigorous security standard.

Lenovo says these new security features help customers protect data and safeguard operations.

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