uses edge AI to improve computer vision apps in low light conditions uses edge AI to improve computer vision apps in low light conditions, a provider of image processing software, has launched a real-time video denoiser that promises to improve the quality of videos for computer vision applications deployed at the edge. According to the company, the video denoising software will enhance the night vision quality without affecting image sharpness.

Restormer is the only competitor of at present, according to the company. That said, says that its technology outperforms Restormer’s night vision technology as it uses more computing power and takes 212 times longer to execute.’s video denoiser uses the raw output data from edge image sensors, which have not been compressed or processed in any way. This technology works with the company’s existing software image signal processor to create a reliable base for future image enhancement features.

“We have been speaking with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic equipment and from the level of interest that we are receiving, it is clear that noise, and low light performance, are serious issues which previous approaches have not been able to adequately resolve,” said Oren Debbi, CEO and co-founder of

The noise in low-light imagery can create distortion, speckles and blurs, which can reduce object detection accuracy. Consequently, the company predicts that AI-based image denoising will become the new industry standard to improve computer vision applications in the next seven years.

The other option, according to, is to increase the number of photographs captured by an image sensor, but doing so would result in a larger camera and lens with corresponding increased manufacturing expenses. The company’s AI-based denoiser technique uses raw image data and a sophisticated algorithm to separate the noise from the image signal.

“We are confident in the superior performance of our denoiser and want to make it as easy as possible for our customer’s engineering teams to experience, evaluate and compare the performance before committing their resources,” concluded Debbi. previously collaborated with Innoviz to bring 3D machine vision performance to new levels, with use cases across the robotic, smart city and drone industries. As part of the agreement,’s software-based imaging technology was integrated with Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors and perception software.

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