, Innoviz partnership focuses on improving 3D machine vision performance, a software-based image signal processor (ISP) solutions provider, has collaborated with Innoviz, a provider of high-performance LiDAR sensors, to accelerate 3D machine vision performance across various industries, including robotics, smart cities, and drones. The partnership aims to integrate’s software-based imaging technology with Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors and perception software. 

The integration of technology from the companies aims to deliver high-performance and accurate 3D imaging that can be deployed in challenging imaging environments. Some of these commonly known challenges are low light, high dynamic range, rain or fog, high motion, and sudden change in intensity, among others. 

“Machine vision is easy to achieve in situations of good lighting, but 90% of machine vision failures occur in situations of difficult visibility, specifically, low light and HDR,” said Oren Debbi, CEO at “By improving accuracy in difficult imaging circumstances, we are able to offer game-changing technology that, together with Innoviz’s LiDAR technology, can improve machine vision applications across many applications.”

This announcement comes at a time when Innoviz has been selected by one of the “largest” global vehicle manufacturers to become its direct LiDAR supplier. 

Recommended reading: Ambarella’s new chips offer clear role for edge AI in surveillance, Smart City and more’s True Night Vision technology works in real-time in extremely low light situations as low as 0.1 lux. The solution enhances the image quality using machine learning algorithms through software image signal processors. Traditionally, a camera using a hardware ISP is used for such challenging situations, but’s technology uses software to capture the image in real-time.

The software ISP is similar to the AI ISPs used in the flagship Apple and Samsung smartphones which are used by content creators for photography and videography. In consumer applications, software ISP in mobile phones allows users to edit photos and videos with exposure control, sharpening, shading correction, white balance and other parameters. These AI-based video enhancements and capabilities have highlighted the value of real-time image data processing in non-consumer applications.

“’s software-based ISP enables cameras to achieve cutting-edge image quality in difficult conditions. Together with Innoviz’s LiDAR and Perception Software, we can improve detection performance even further,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder at Innoviz. “We are pleased to join forces to offer an advanced machine vision solution to many applications that need it for safety.”

Innoviz’s perception software uses the data from Innoviz LiDAR sensors combined with AI algorithms to provide object detection, classification, and tracking features as well as collision detection, localization, and calibration capabilities. This “resource-efficient” software is an industrial-grade platform to provide edge devices with an understanding of the incoming 3D image data. 

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