Vertiv upgrades its data center to make it more sustainable

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Vertiv upgrades its data center to make it more sustainable

Vertiv, a data center provider, has introduced TimberMod, a solution to be incorporated in its power module and SmartMod lines. This solution use mass timber as a primary structural material, moving away from the conventional steel framework. Vertiv points out that this shift towards timber, a renewable resource known for its carbon dioxide absorption capabilities, marks as a step towards sustainability due to its lower carbon footprint.

In terms of structural performance of Vertiv TimberMod, it is designed to withstand various environmental challenges such as seismic activity, wind forces, and other structural demands, making it suitable across different geographical landscapes. Vertiv says that integrating mass timber into this product is part of its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and address climate change issues.

“Data centers in North America are increasingly relying on prefabricated modular solutions to provide the speed of deployment, capacity, energy efficiency, and flexibility required for evolving data center needs,” says Matt Weil, vice president of integrated modular solutions for Vertiv in the Americas.

Vlad Galabov, the director of cloud and data center at Omdia recognizes the prior use of timber in data center construction. He notes that Vertiv using this material improves the accessibility of the material for data centers. Galabov further adds that this move towards adopting timber offers a form of “engineering assurance.”

“The Vertiv TimberMod provides another option for our customers, with the benefit of further supporting customer sustainability goals by leveraging eco-friendly mass timber,” Weil continues.

In our recent technology explainer, we explored the role of edge computing in enhancing sustainability by lowering energy use. While edge data centers continue to grow, the imperative for sustainable energy solutions and efficient cooling systems becomes increasingly critical.

STL Partners highlighted several methods for data center providers to reduce their environmental impact. These include a greater reliance on renewable energy sources and the implementation of smart technologies to optimize energy consumption.

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