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Arm announces a power efficient Cortex-M processor with Helium technology

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Arm announces a power efficient Cortex-M processor with Helium technology

Arm has introduced the Cortex-M52 processor to meet the increasing need for AI-enabled IoT embedded devices adaptable across different regions. This processor is designed to facilitate machine learning on compact endpoint devices. By incorporating Helium technology, part of the Armv8-M architecture, the Cortex-M52 achieves high performance in machine learning and digital signal processing.

Arm reports that their Helium technology enables the Cortex-M52 processor to handle more demanding machine learning tasks on endpoint devices. This integration of Helium into the Cortex-M52 marks a substantial progress in the matrix and DSP computation capabilities within a microcontroller.

For those currently using Cortex-M33 and Cortex-M4 processors and seeking AI enhancement in their devices, Arm suggests transitioning to the Cortex-M52 will be streamlined. This is supported by a unified development approach, where a single toolchain and architecture are used for AI application development, reducing time-to-market for AIoT solutions.

Furthermore, the Cortex-M52 will be accessible on Arm Virtual Hardware. This cloud-based platform allows for software development even before the physical manufacturing of the hardware, facilitating a more efficient development process.

Silicon companies, often balancing performance and cost, might find the Cortex-M52 a good option. Arm highlights its efficiency, noting it as the most area and power-efficient model among Helium-enabled Cortex-M processors.

Security is a critical aspect, especially for large-scale IoT deployments. The Cortex-M52 integrates robust security features, including PACBTI (Pointer Authentication and Branch Target Identification) and Arm TrustZone technology, to protect against software threats. Additionally, it supports accelerated progress towards PSA Certified Level 2 silicon, enhancing the security framework for IoT devices.

In a recent news, Arm has acquired a minority stake in Raspberry Pi, a UK-based embedded device manufacturer. Arm recognizes Raspberry Pi’s product range offering high-performance computing hardware that aligns with the growing market need for edge computing devices.

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