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Edgio releases CMCD for companies to optimize their streaming strategies

Edgio releases CMCD for companies to optimize their streaming strategies

Edgio, a provider of edge services, has released the Common Media Client Data report. This report provides a standardized method for clients to relay information about their environment, buffering issues, and playback performance to the content delivery network. Edgio offers solutions across web applications, content delivery, and video streaming through its integrated CDN and comprehensive edge services.

The Edgio CMCD report offers information on various parameters of video streaming quality. These metrics include rebuffer rates, which indicate how often a video stops for buffering, and the average client throughput, reflecting an average data download speed for a client. The report also includes other parameters such as the average video bitrate, video egress, and the percentage of slow time to the first byte.

“At a time when many companies in the Media and Entertainment industry are challenged with delivering the highest quality video with fewer resources and reduced cost, the ability to capture and deliver near real-time insights that can improve their viewers’ experience without additional resources is paramount,” says Kyle Faber, senior director of Product at Edgio.

The CMCD report tells how content is cached and delivered, which is crucial for understanding and improving delivery efficiency of video content. It also provides real-time analytics, enabling companies to respond to changing demands in streaming, maintaining high-quality user experience.

Typically, CMCD reports include actionable insights into client-side performance, including startup times, and quality of experience metrics. These insights allow media companies to optimize content delivery strategically, enhancing user satisfaction. Furthermore, the CMCD report’s data helps in identifying and addressing inefficiencies in streaming, which ensure companies to cut down costs on bandwidth usage.

In a recent development, Edgio formed a strategic partnership with Wurl to facilitate global FAST syndication for content providers. This collaboration sees Wurl contributing its FAST syndication expertise, integrated with Edgio’s Uplynk service.


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