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Vertiv launches SmartRow 2 edge data center system to reduce deployment time and costs

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Vertiv launches SmartRow 2 edge data center system to reduce deployment time and costs

Vertiv, a provider of digital infrastructure solutions, has unveiled an edge data center solution called SmartRow 2. This design is aimed at streamlining the deployment of edge data centers by integrating crucial components such as in-row cooling, power distribution, IT racks, and centralized system-level management.

According to Vertiv, the SmartRow 2 reduces the deployment time by up to 80 percent and costs by 30 percent compared to traditional data center builds. With the ability to accommodate up to five IT racks, each with an individual power capacity ranging from 3.3 kW to 6.6 kW, this system offers flexibility and scalability for enterprise customers.

“SmartRow 2 offers greater speed and simplicity than a typical edge deployment, enabling installation of infrastructure in less than a week, compared to a typical deployment that could take up to 12 months,” says Joshua Schnack, vice president of global IT solutions product management at Vertiv.

The SmartRow 2 edge data center system comes with choices for 2N power and cooling redundancy, offering an added layer of fault tolerance to minimize the risk of unexpected downtime. This is particularly crucial for edge data centers that handle complex AI workloads.

In the pursuit of sustainable edge data center design, companies are exploring various cooling methods. Vertiv employs a fully contained aisle approach, featuring hot and cold aisles with in-row cooling that focuses on cooling the IT equipment directly. According to Vertiv, this approach can lead to an average of 20 percent reduction in cooling energy consumption and corresponding CO2 emissions.

Last year, Vertiv partnered with Intel to focus on developing advanced cooling systems for the Gaudi3 AI accelerator platform. “​​Vertiv John Niemann, senior vice president of the global thermal line of business at Vertiv. continues to expand our broad liquid cooling portfolio, resulting in our ability to support leaders of next-generation AI technologies, like Intel,” says Schnack.

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