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Lantronix offers asset and fleet management solutions with FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker

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Lantronix offers asset and fleet management solutions with FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker

Lantronix, a renowned provider of advanced IoT solutions, has introduced two telematic gateways–the FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker. These advanced telematic gateways have been designed to address the increasing requirements of the asset and fleet management industries.

The FOX4 edge compute tracker has various connectivity options including cellular, global navigation satellite system (GNSS), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Wi-Fi, making it a compelling choice for a wide array of applications.

Similarly, the Bolero 43 is a variant of the FOX4 series, designed to withstand harsh conditions such as shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures while maintaining an IP68 rating. Like its FOX4 counterpart, it supports a range of programming languages and interfaces, including PFAL scripting, LUA, MQTT, Azure, and REST APIs.

“Our new telematic devices provide a complete package that merges connectivity and cloud device management with award-winning hardware,” says Jacques Issa, vice president of Marketing for Lantronix.

Lantronix says both devices have been integrated with its Percepxion IoT edge software platform, ensuring secure IoT device provisioning and comprehensive management capabilities. The Percepxion IoT edge solution is pre-installed on the gateways and serves as a cloud platform that offers cycle management, application integration, and analytics.

Another connectivity optimization for performance and global scalability comes through the pre-installed SIM cards on the FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute tracker. The SIM card supports multiple carriers, allowing users to select from major network providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in North America.

“Utilizing Lantronix’s FOX Series Telematic Gateways, we are able to feed reliable, real-time data to our cloud-based software solution, which gives our aviation customers access to critical information for real-time visibility and actions as well as long-term analytics,” says Ursula Hess, CEO of Quantum Aviation.

The telematic gateways are purpose-built for fleet management, providing effective cellular telematic solutions with multiple interfaces. Both the gateways were demonstrated at the Embedded World 2024 expo and the ISC West 2024.

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