Vertiv introduces cooling systems, a sustainable way for its data centers

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Vertiv introduces cooling systems, a sustainable way for its data centers

Vertiv, a data center provider, has teamed up with Intel to focus on developing advanced cooling systems for the Gaudi3 AI accelerator platform. Together, they are working on a liquid cooling solution based on a pumped two-phase cooling architecture. This system circulates a refrigerant that captures heat through a phase change from liquid to vapor, aiming to address sustainability goals.

According to Vertiv, the co-developed liquid cooling system has undergone testing at high power levels, up to 160kW. It is capable of operating with water temperatures between 17°C to 45°C. Operating in this temperate range allows for the use of comparatively warmer water, which reduces the energy required for cooling.

“​​Vertiv continues to expand our broad liquid cooling portfolio, resulting in our ability to support leaders of next generation AI technologies, like Intel. Vertiv helps customers accelerate the adoption of AI quickly and reliably, while also helping them to achieve sustainability goals,” says John Niemann, senior vice president of global thermal line of business at Vertiv.

Around the same time, Vertiv introduced the Liebert AFC Chiller in North America. This chiller is designed to cater the cooling demands of modern data centers that handle high performance compute and AI applications. The Liebert AFC Chiller uses a packaged free cooling approach, which uses ambient air or water for cooling purposes. This method reduces reliance on mechanical refrigeration, leading to substantial energy savings.

Furthermore, the Liebert AFC Chiller can be integrated with other thermal management systems, such as Liebert CW chilled water cooling system and Liebert CWA thermal wall. The chillers are available in a variety of capacities, ranging from 900 to 1800kW.

“The addition of the Liebert AFC chillers to our North America chiller portfolio significantly increases our ability to deliver end-to-end thermal solutions, positioning Vertiv to better solve the challenge of increased complexity within the data center,” says Niemann in another press release.

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