Trilogy Networks, Chat Mobility start edge-focused initiative to boost U.S. agriculture

Trilogy Networks, Chat Mobility start edge-focused initiative to boost U.S. agriculture

Trilogy Networks and Chat Mobility have entered a strategic alliance to boost digital transformation in agriculture through edge cloud computing in the U.S., the companies announced.

Under the Rural Cloud Initiative, Trilogy’s distributed cloud platform will be combined with Chat Mobility’s network assets in Southwest Iowa. Family farms and enterprises focused on precision agriculture will leverage Trilogy’s edge cloud computing and low latency networking.

Edge computing reduces latency and bandwidth requirements by improving communication between IoT sensors and devices with cloud applications, bringing them closer to the edge to automate the agricultural ecosystem. This will provide farmers with factual data collected in real-time during the crop cycle.

“The Precision Agriculture segment has been keenly focused on solutions to drive the next generation of efficiency in agricultural output,” said George Woodward, President & CEO of Trilogy Networks, in a prepared statement. “Producers are constantly looking to increase yields and lower costs. The power of edge computing within feet of the crops is a game-changer. Trilogy’s LinX network and Multi-Tenant Edge solutions will enable the most efficient and highest quality food production on earth.”

“The first phase of our alliance includes the deployment of high capacity computing and storage in our data center, within our central offices, and at several cell sites across Southwest Iowa,” said Brian Spurgeon, General Manager of Chat Mobility, in a prepared statement. “This forward-looking initiative continues our history of delivering the cutting-edge solutions needed by our customers, in this case, real-time analytics at the far Edge of network covering thousands of square miles of rich agricultural lands.”

Consulting firm McKinsey & Co. estimates that just five use cases in the ag and chemicals industry could account for between $4B and $11B of hardware sales (including sensors, storage, and processors) alone by 2025.

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