Deploying adaptive AI in distributed water plants - Barbara Accoina

Lanner Electronics


Lanner Electronics, Landing AI develop computer vision solution for quality inspection

Lanner Electronics, a company specializing in advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms, has partnered with Landing AI, a…


Lanner Electronics, Telco Systems, Cvedia demonstrate Smart Retail solution with edge AI

Lanner Electronics, Telco Systems and Cvedia have teamed up to accelerate the adoption of computer vision technology. All parties have…


Lanner Electronics, Cvedia launch edge AI solution for video intelligence in Smart Cities

Lanner Electronics, a manufacturer of edge appliances, and Cvedia, an AI-based video intelligence solutions provider, teamed up to launch a…


Tensor Networks, Lanner Electronics meld AI processing with SD-WAN and MEC networking

Tensor Networks and Lanner Electronics have announced a new strategic partnership, uniting Lanner’s Whitebox Solutions with Tensor Networks AI Platform, to enable…

Lanner Electronics

Lanner Electronics Inc (TAIEX 6245) is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances…

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