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StarlingX 8.0 offers enhanced support for RAN and edge cloud

StarlingX 8.0 offers enhanced support for RAN and edge cloud

StarlingX has announced the 8.0 release of its edge computing and IoT cloud platform. The company says it provides telecom carriers and enterprises with a full-featured cloud software stack to deploy an edge cloud on multiple servers. It is optimized for low-latency and high-performance applications, including industrial IoT, telecom and video delivery.

StarlingX is an open-source project launched in 2018, with code contributed by Wind River and Intel. It is used in production by companies such as T-Systems, Verizon and Vodafone. The StarlingX community collaborates with other groups like OpenInfra Edge Computing Group, ONAP, O-RAN SC and Akraino.

“As an ongoing supporter of the project and original contributor to the code base, we are encouraged by the ongoing growth in adoption and ecosystem development,” says Paul Miller, the CTO of Wind River.

The company says that during the release cycle, StarlingX 8.0 focused on completing the platform’s transition from CentOS to Debian to bolster its stability, reliability, and longevity. In addition, contributors also worked towards improving scalability and Radio Access Network (RAN) use cases.

This version of StarlingX optimizes platform services to run on just one CPU core, it says. In contrast, the other cores are reserved for running workloads on servers in a deployment. Further enhancements add support for O-RAN-compliant interfaces as well as Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and acceleration devices.

“StarlingX 8.0 is coming with a new feature called Subcloud Local Install. It offers a very powerful mechanism to optimally deploy edge clouds, efficiently using network bandwidth and minimizing the load on the network,” says Shuquan Huang, the technical director of 99Cloud.

StarlingX 8.0 was strengthened to meet the needs of edge computing and industrial IoT utilization cases with its low latency and distributed cloud capabilities. The platform components have been upgraded, SSH has been integrated with remote Windows Active Directory, the backup and restore feature has improved drastically and Kubernetes Custom Configuration is now supported in addition to RBAC enhancements on the StarlingX APIs and CLIs.

The last version of StarlingX was released last fall. StarlingX version 7.0 claimed to increase scalability, integrated security and offer more flexibility.

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