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Flasheye selects OnLogic industrial computer for its LiDAR processing units

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OnLogic, an industrial computer manufacturer, will supply its ruggedized computers to power Flasheye’s LiDAR processing units. Flasheye chose OnLogic’s Karbon 400 industrial-grade rugged computer to reduce the deployment time for its LiDAR processing units in edge applications. Use cases for Flasheye LPUs include monitoring deployed equipment for operator safety and optimizing production throughput in the mining industry.

Flasheye LiDAR processing units are used in challenging environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, the constant vibration of machinery and conveyor belts and large amounts of dust. The company required a real-time solution to process large amounts of data in difficult conditions, especially for mission-critical applications. As part of the partnership, Flasheye uses OnLogic’s Karbon 400 rugged computer and is currently testing the OnLogic MK200-70 edge server and industrial HX330 and ML100G-53 systems for various other installations.

The OnLogic Karbon 400 rugged computer is specifically designed for industrial IoT, edge computing and industrial automation projects.The Karbon 400 series offers fanless cooling technology and Intel Atom processing. It’s reliable in difficult installation conditions and offers flexible configuration options. OnLogic has two Karbon 400 series models, K410 and K430, for edge computing projects.

“Our Karbon 400 rugged computer ended up being ideal for the Flasheye LPU because of its robust mechanical design, small form factor, wide input power range, and advanced processing,” said OnLogic’s account manager, Julian Kjaer. “Configuration options like DIO and 4G wireless also give Flasheye a great deal of installation and application flexibility.”

Flasheye’s LiDAR solution processes raw 3D data in real-time to provide system insights and alarms. The solution offers machine safety to prevent collisions between people and vehicles, even those with limited or zero vision. The company plans to release a LiDAR surveillance solution for security applications next year.

“We selected OnLogic as our hardware provider for the Flasheye LPU because of their high-quality product, customization capabilities, excellent sales engineering, solid delivery, and responsive support,” said Flasheye’s chief technology officer, John Carlson. “In our time working with them, it’s become clear that OnLogic is a brand you can trust.”

Earlier this year, OnLogic announced new additions to its lineup of ThinManager-ready industrial hardware devices: the TM120 and TM710 solid-state, compact fanless personal computers. Both devices came with preloaded ThinManager software, making it easier to deploy the hardware, the company said.

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