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Stack Infrastructure builds a 72MW data center campus in Northern Virginia

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Stack Infrastructure builds a 72MW data center campus in Northern Virginia

Stack Infrastructure, a digital infrastructure provider, has expanded its presence with a new 72MW data center campus, enhancing its footprint in the region. This development increases the total capacity of North Virginia, including both Loudoun and Prince William Counties, to 1.2 gigawatts. Such a substantial capacity indicates the infrastructure’s robust capability to host a large number of servers and data processing units to support advanced technologies, such as edge computing, IoT, and big data.

Further emphasizing its technological advancement, Stack Infrastructure highlights that the newly incorporated Leesburg campus in Loudoun County is optimized for AI applications. This readiness for AI signifies that the data center is equipped to handle the growing computational demands associated with AI and machine learning tasks.

“Data centers in Loudoun County drive tax revenue, and STACK’s investment will support our ability to continue investing in important community services. STACK is an excellent community partner, and I am excited about their decision to locate here,” says Kristen C. Umstattd, a supervisor at Leesburg District.

Key features of this facility include advanced GPUs and specialized AI processing units, essential for these demanding workloads. Additionally, Stack Infrastructure mentions the implementation of cooling systems within the data center. These systems are designed to maintain an ideal operating temperature for hardware, ensuring efficiency and reliability in high-performance computing environments.

Stack Infrastructure highlights that while expanding into regional data centers, it considers much more than just technical and logistical requirements. It evaluates the potential effects on the local community and environment. The company notes that its approach to scaling up involves a balanced and sustainable growth strategy. This strategy uses renewable energy sources, implementing advanced cooling systems, and reducing energy consumption.

“At STACK, we’re committed to delivering technological innovation while positively impacting the surrounding community to foster growth and cultivate a more economically rewarding future,” says Brian Cox, CEO of Stack Americas.

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