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Lumen, BlackStar Group partner to deliver high performance to the esports industry

Lumen, BlackStar Group partner to deliver high performance to the esports industry

BlackStar Group, a company known for organizing and producing esports events and other technology-driven experiences, has chosen Lumen Technologies to supply advanced, high-performance networking solutions to the esports industry. This partnership focuses on reducing latency, enabling players to connect to game servers efficiently. 

Under this alliance, BlackStar has integrated Lumen’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service, offering a high-speed internet connection with enhanced security, reliability, and low latency. Such connectivity is crucial for smooth streaming and gameplay in the esports industry, ensuring minimal disruption and data loss.

Furthermore, Lumen’s data centers are used to provide stable connections for BlackStar’s clients around the globe. These data centers are strategically positioned in various geographical regions to provide high-availability network infrastructure, facilitating consistent and responsive connectivity.

“We have esports teams that are amazed at the milliseconds of latency they experienced to access game servers and gain that competitive advantage. We know that we can rely on Lumen to minimize latency and make those things happen,” says Adam Flynn, chief marketing officer at BlackStar Group. 

BlackStar reports enhanced service efficiency following their partnership with Lumen, alongside cost savings for their clients, rendering their offerings more economical than previously, the company says. 

Lumen’s survey reveals that over 90 percent of IT experts are considering a shift to Network-as-a-Service. Leveraging their robust IP backbone, Lumen’s Network-as-a-Service solution provides users self-managing capabilities via an online portal, enhancing both reliability and service quality. 

“BlackStar is thrilled to hear about the Network-as-a-Service offering from Lumen. NaaS has the potential to empower BlackStar to better serve our live event clients with expanded options and flexibility for the expected speed, low latency bandwidth, and quality service for which we’re known,” says Chris Hendrie, chief executive officer at BlackStar Group.

Lumen introduces custom-built Wi-Fi 7 device for Quantum Fiber customers

Last month, Lumen launched a specialized Wi-Fi device tailored for customers of its Quantum Fiber service. The company decided to develop a hardware solution that would focus on providing high quality services to users for its multi-gigabit fiber network. The solution is particularly useful for applications in smart homes and businesses where higher speeds and lower latency of Wi-Fi 7 is required.

Lumen anticipates this development will have a significant impact on improving user experience by offering a more stable connection, better coverage in diverse environments. The company emphasizes the importance of balancing security with performance to deliver a high-performance connectivity network, especially for large enterprises. Lumen is set to present this hardware solution at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas this week.

“Lumen took a significant leap in improving home and business Wi-Fi when we internally developed this Wi-Fi 7 capable device. We’re proud of this accomplishment and are ready to install these devices in customer homes and offices. We believe everyone deserves a fast, secure, high-performing Wi-Fi experience,” says Maxine Moreau, president of Mass Markets at Lumen Technologies. 

Lumen Technologies claims to become the first in the industry to receive Wi-Fi certified 7 for its devices, showcasing its advancements in wireless communication standards. The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified two of Lumen’s devices, the W1700K and W1701K, integrating advanced features to improve connectivity, coverage, and performance. 

These devices use MediaTek’s smart link-dispatch technology, which is designed to optimize the Quality of Service (QoS). This technology, embedded in the Wi-Fi radio of the devices, improve performance of applications that require high bandwidth and low latency. Additionally, the utilization of the 6GHz channel, along with a high power setting, allows these devices to leverage the high-speed potential of Lumen’s Quantum Fiber.

“We are proud that our Wi-Fi 7 devices are the first certified by Wi-Fi Alliance,” says Maxine Moreau, president of Mass Markets at Lumen Technologies. “This demonstrates our commitment to deliver the best Wi-Fi solutions to our customers as we continue to innovate for growth. Our Wi-Fi 7 devices offer faster speeds than Wi-Fi 6/6E, low latency, and amazing coverage allowing users to enjoy the next generation of Wi-Fi applications and services.”

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