Sony Semiconductor brings subscription model to Aitrios edge AI platform

(Sony Semiconductor Solutions will demonstrate new technology for the first time in North America at the 2023 TinyML Summit)

As part of its global expansion effort, Sony Semiconductor Solutions has made its Aitrios edge computing platform available to developers in the United States. To facilitate this, the company has partnered with Microsoft and is offering video demonstrations on Microsoft’s AI Co-Innovation Lab platform.

Sony is offering the Console Developer Edition as a subscription service within the Console Enterprise Edition, which was initially designed for system integrators to build enterprise-grade applications. Sony intends to simplify the process, lower cost, and improve time-to-market by using this subscription model for the Atrios edge computing platform.

“The Console Developer Edition available on the Aitros platform is designed to democratize visual AI for developers beyond expensive and impractical lofty projects, and we look forward to increasing availability of our solutions for this community,” says Mark Hanson, vice president of Technology and Business Innovation, head of marketing, System Solution Business Development for Sony Semiconductors Solutions America.

Sony’s Aitrios edge platform comes with all the necessary tools and software development kits required for the customer to build smart sensing solutions using edge devices such as cameras. The solution was showcased by the company in North America at the 2023 TinyML Summit in California.

Sony created the Aitrios edge platform to leverage the edge computing benefits and combine an application development environment, cloud-based services and AI models into a single comprehensive development suite. Sony is collaborating with its partners to validate their edge devices that can work with the Aitrios platform, therefore enabling users to optimize the development process.

Sony has introduced a web application for its Aitrios platform, which allows users to monitor user registration, project applications, role setting and billing details. On the other hand, the console is also a web application that comes with the necessary functions for implementing edge applications efficiently.

“This continued momentum will accelerate the age of visual AI and bring practical solutions to market faster,” Hanson adds.

Sony and Microsoft have previously partnered on edge AI with a project that ‘baked’ AI onto Sony imaging chips. The current relationship will help expose Sony’s platform to Microsoft customers looking to develop new AI-enhanced solutions using Azure IoT and cloud computing technologies.

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