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OSS and TMGcore demo two-phase liquid immersion cooled Rigel edge supercomputer

OSS and TMGcore demo two-phase liquid immersion cooled Rigel edge supercomputer

OSS and TMGcore showcased a new two-phase liquid immersion cooled version of the OSS Rigel Edge Supercomputer at the Sea-Air-Space conference in National Harbor, MD. The two companies initially disclosed plans to develop the system in December 2022.

This demonstration showcased the combination of OSS’s Rigel, a compact rugged computer for military applications, and TMGcore’s smallest two-phase immersion solution EdgeBox-X (EB-X). The companies say the EB-X can support up to four of OSS’s computers with a high-speed 200Gb/s networking capacity.

“In the EdgeBox-X, Rigel can now offer breakthrough levels of operating efficiency, compactness and ruggedness, along with a greatly reduced electronic signature,” says Jim Ison, the chief product officer of OSS.

TMGcore’s immersion-cooled technology solutions leverage non-corrosive, non-conductive, chemically inert liquids, effectively removing heat from electronics without needing large heat sinks, fans or liquid pumps, the companies say.

According to the company executives, Rigel’s two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology allows the Rigel to operate at higher levels of data center computing, which is not available at the edge. This cooling system is more thermally efficient than traditional air-conduction cooling. Also, it makes the Rigel more rugged due to the fluid’s shock-dampening effects. A lack of heatsinks and fans also reduces overall size, power consumption and noise level.

“Our innovative two-phase liquid immersion cooling EdgeBox produces an orders of magnitude gain in serving demanding, rugged, edge AI inference applications with the industry-leading compute density of OSS’s Rigel Edge Supercomputer,” says Seamus Egan, the vice president of government integrated solutions at TMGcore.

The company says that the DoD and other large contractors are using the OSS Rigel platform. For example, OSS was chosen to design and develop a vehicle visualization system for the DoD with its Gen-4 PCIe switch technology. The army will integrate an OSS accelerator, which utilizes PCIe technology to reduce data transfer latency, into its vehicles with this $1.3 million agreement.

At the conference, OSS also showcased its artificial intelligence computing solutions, including edge servers, compute accelerators, flash storage arrays and expansion systems used in defense systems.

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