Qualcomm, American Tower unite to accelerate next-gen edge compute

Qualcomm, American Tower unite to accelerate next-gen edge compute

Qualcomm Technologies and American Tower have announced a strategic collaboration to develop network architecture further and speed up near-edge applications.

The project aims to improve latency, reliability, power efficiency and high bandwidth for edge data centers using Qualcomm’s capabilities and American Tower’s tower portfolio and data center assets.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to bring together our organizations with the goal of advancing edge technology,” says Jake Rasweiler, the senior vice president of US Tower Innovation at American Tower.

The collaboration involves utilizing Qualcomm’s platforms for its high performance, low power consumption, reliability, AI and 5G connectivity capabilities in an American Tower data center. The goal is to provide cloud computing, AI and 5G networks closer to the end device or “at the edge”.

“We realize this undertaking takes an ecosystem of global technology leaders — all who want to reinvent how compute, storage, networking and lowest cost routing come together,” comments Jeffery Torrance, the senior vice president and general manager of Connected Smart Systems at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

The Qualcomm QCS8250 system-on-chip has built-in Android support that many mobile ecosystem partners and developers can use to create mobile gaming and multimedia apps.

Qualcomm Technologies is working with Xingtera, Inc. to install a 2U ARM-based server at an American Tower edge data center in Denver, Colorado.

This server incorporates 80 Qualcomm QCS8250 chipsets and provides high-density computing power and graphics processing capabilities.

“XT-iES865-80 servers inside the edge data center next to an American Tower 4G/5G cellular site provide best-in-class app experience for mobile users and help drive excellent ROI for PaaS and SaaS businesses,” says Yuqing Niu, the CEO of Xingtera, Inc.

The Qualcomm AI Engine-powered multi-access edge compute solution is designed for dynamic, process-intensive applications such as mobile cloud gaming, video transcoding, machine learning and edge compute with high speed and low latency, the companies say.

In 2023 at Embedded World, Qualcomm Technologies showcased new technologies to fuel IoT and edge devices that can be used in industrial automation, healthcare, autonomous robotics and retail use cases. The products include 5G IoT processors, robotics, IoT platforms and an IoT accelerator program that combines different technologies.

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