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Solana Foundation selects Edgevana for edge data center deployments

Solana Foundation selects Edgevana for edge data center deployments

Edgevana and Solana Foundation have been working together on a program that gives decentralized system operators access to enterprise-grade hardware. That partnership has taken a new shape with Edgevana being chosen by the Solana Foundation to deploy 500 bare metal servers in 32 of the Edgevana data centers and co-location facilities across 22 countries.

Through the extension of the partnership, the Solana community will have access to the Edgevana products and services with customized software solutions for improving the validator experience. This will accelerate the speed at which validators can operate with dashboard tools to monitor and manage deployments.

“The total deployment time for Solana Foundation which involved 500 bare metal servers took only 5 months from contract signing,” Mark Thiele, Edgevana co-founder and CEO, told Edge Industry Review.

What does Edgevana do?

Existing secure data center infrastructure has several downsides when it comes to deployments with thousands of different edge locations. Most of the well-known data center and co-location facilities providers have multiple data centers present at a single geographic location which is generally an urban or metropolitan area. However, when it comes to the deployment of edge applications, the edge locations can be across thousands of cities and towns where a certain data center provider is might not present. This becomes a problem for enterprises looking to deploy edge applications and requiring edge data centers at several unique locations.

Edgevana solves the issue by providing space in Tier IV fault-tolerant data centers along with multiple edge data centers through multiple data center providers. The vendor-independent solutions provide enterprises like Solana and Filecoin that ability to fetch capacity from edge data centers across hundreds of locations and countries. Edgevana’s role is to search for efficient data centers (according to customer requirements) and provide the combination of secure edge data centers as a unified solution.

“This partnership provides crypto enthusiasts seeking to deepen their support on the Solana blockchain best-in-class edge computing, securely positioned in enterprise-class facilities, anywhere, and at any time,” said Solana Foundation executive director Dan Albert. “Validators that use Edgevana for onboarding can reduce their hardware costs, have a pain-free and fast onboarding process, receive an affordable month-to-month contract, and scale without compromising security.”

The collaboration between Solana Foundation and Edgevana will provide the community with node-ready, edge computing deployments with thousands of enterprise-grade data centers and co-location facilities across the globe. Becoming a validator will be easier than ever before, as interested crypto enthusiasts can leverage guided assistance, executives said. Also, a 24×7 customer service team will support and assist the Solana validator community with monitoring and managing of edge deployments.

“Emerging technologies like blockchain demand what Edgevana’s edge computing and highly distributed data centers provide, the speed and horsepower of high-performance bare metal together with the increased network security, performance, and control needed for uncompromising scale,” said Thiele. “The solution that the Solana community is using considers the human behind the node, and strives to make a once cumbersome, time-consuming validator onboarding process simple and painless.”

Edgevana recently announced the public availability of QuickRamp, a cost-efficient way for decentralized networks to onboard the validator crowd communities. The solution aims to help platforms like Solana, Filecoin, and Protocol Labs to provide high-performance and secure node networks.

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