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Edgevana offers QuickRamp for blockchain to help onboard validator crowd communities

Edgevana offers QuickRamp for blockchain to help onboard validator crowd communities

To increase the mass adoption of blockchain technologies, Edgevana has announced the public availability of QuickRamp, billed as a cost-efficient way for decentralized networks to onboard the validator crowd communities.

QuickRamp helps platforms like Solana, Filecoin, and Protocol Labs to ensure high performance and secure node networks, according to the company. QuickRamp will also help communities seamlessly ensure nodes are well configured and can be deployed on a global scale. The issue of scalability is becoming increasingly important as seen with recent issues around Solana. The Solana blockchain suffered a seven-hour outage, caused by a an influx of bots trying to mint nonfungible tokens (NFT’s) on April 30, according to reports.

To solve the problems of node operator onboarding such as the complexity and time consumption, Edgevana’s QuickRamp provides a done-for-you (DFY) solution with a combination of pre-configured server hardware and secure data center facilities offered in a simple month-to-month contract. This lets the node operators be ready within hours, unlike the traditional methodologies that took weeks, executives said.

“Working with Web3 companies has shown us that whether it’s selecting and provisioning hardware or configuring the infrastructure, node setup can be a daunting and expensive task even for the tech-savvy. By reducing time, complexity, and cost, we’ve shown we can make becoming a node operator far more attractive,” said Mark Thiele, Co-Founder & CEO of Edgevana.

Claiming to be a “no code, no latency, no backhaul”, QuickRamp explores the value proposition and opportunities with edge computing in the decentralized Web3 world. Edgevana provides protocol-ready compute and storage in the existing secure data center and edge facilities to ensure high-performance censorship-resistant node networks.

“The effort to build a globally distributed network of data centers and nodes can require interaction with dozens of vendors. We provide high-growth blockchain networks availability to node resources faster and more efficiently, without compromising security or decentralization, wherever and whenever they are needed. Our goal for QuickRamp is to deliver more value, faster and at lower cost, while strengthening node operator communities and blockchain ecosystems,” Thiele added.

For independent node operators, Edgevana provides easy steps to get up and running in a few hours by selecting a blockchain to participate in, hardware configuration, and an available location. With QuickRamp’s flexible monthly subscription plan, new node operators can start small and scale up from one available location to another.

The announcement of the QuickRamp offering comes shortly after the company unveiled a new website and a focus on blockchain as a business strategy going forward.

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