Edgevana reveals focus on blockchain infrastructure and hosting Web3

Edgevana reveals focus on blockchain infrastructure and hosting Web3

Edgevana is a startup that was formed with the intent to focus on providing an online B2B marketplace to make data center, edge, and infrastructure service procurement easier. Now the company has a new website — and a pivot towards the decentralized web. Leveraging the team’s background in infrastructure services, Edgevana is now positioning itself to provide speed, security, and reliability to blockchain and other decentralized services.

Web3 is a term that has been used to describe the ability of computers to process content in a humanlike way where all the data is connected and understood both contextually and conceptually. Web3 can also refer to the underlying architecture of resources that support services; that architecture will be decentralized and will leverage blockchain technologies. The reason for the slower adoption of Web3 over the past couple of years is due to limitations in implementing the resource description framework. Web3 looks ready to take off as companies leverage edge computing solutions to improve performance of infrastructure.

“Around the same time as our founding, Web3 (Blockchain) was gaining increased visibility and market acceptance,” said Subhan Jahromi, Co-Founder & COO of Edgevana in a blog post. “We noticed quickly the expertise our team had built fits Web3 requirements just as well as it fits Web2 companies. Web3 infrastructure requires wide distribution, speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, all of which were our bread and butter,” he added.

Edgevana has partnered with blockchain platforms and operator node communities such as Filecoin to provide tested, verified, cost-effective and secure servers. The service provider has also collaborated with the Solana Foundation to offer decentralized system operators access to validator-ready servers with month-to-month contracts.

Jahromi said “We will help Blockchain protocols grow their ecosystem of nodes/node operators with Edgevana as the one-back-to-pat, reducing the complexity and letting Edgevana become the force multiplier for blockchain communities.

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