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Xtend, SightX to use edge AI, computer vision to improve autonomous device interaction

Xtend, SightX to use edge AI, computer vision to improve autonomous device interaction

Xtend, a company that facilitates human interaction with drones, robots and smart devices, has partnered with SightX, an edge artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions provider.

SightX’s data processing abilities will be integrated into XOS, Xtend’s operating system. The objective: offer new ways for people to interact with autonomous devices that run on the XOS platform.

According to Xtend, integrating this software solution into the XOS operating system will give customers more control over their autonomous devices, enhancing their perception capabilities. Specifically, the solution will enable users to identify and monitor objects and comprehend complex situations in real time. Managing data-intensive tasks will be easier and drones and robots will be more responsive in their autonomous functions, leading to improved operational efficiency.

“SightX’s technology has become a key component of our AI application layer, alongside our own proprietary technology and other third-party applications. In fact, our collaboration with SightX is already helping several tier-1 global customers enhance their drone operations today,” says Rubi Liani, the co-founder and CTO of Xtend.

The SightX software solution is one of the latest XOS app store additions. The purpose of this store is to allow third-party developers to offer their software solutions, which can improve the capabilities of the Xtend XOS operating system.

The existing app store offers various software solutions tailored to specific application needs. For instance, a third-party integration allows users to control the drone’s position and extract valuable data. Additionally, other applications facilitate the control of various payloads, such as robotic claws and advanced gas detectors.

In addition to developing the XOS operating system, Xtend specializes in developing autonomous drones, robots and smart devices that integrate advanced autonomous features. The company aims to use device autonomy and human guidance to create a precise and responsive system.

“As a software company, we understand the value of partnering with best-in-class technology providers, like SightX, to boost our hardware-agnostic operating system’s ability to control our own or third-party drones, robots, and smart devices,” Liani continues.

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