Sidus Space to include edge AI in its satellite constellation for real-time processing

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Sidus Space to include edge AI in its satellite constellation for real-time processing

Sidus Space, which bills itself as a “Space-as-a-Service” satellite company, will integrate edge computing capabilities into its planned satellite constellations. Sidus Space teamed up with Exo-Space, a data processing device manufacturer, to leverage its FeatherEdge AI platform. By harnessing the power of this AI platform, earth observation data can now be processed in real-time.

As an example, this technology can identify and quickly address environmental crises, the companies say. The platform can detect illegal fishing by monitoring unregistered vessels and provide real-time natural disaster tracking for floods or wildfires. Additionally, the companies say its technology can offer early warnings for incidents such as oil spills or methane leaks.

Sidus Space says the new combined solution will significantly improve data transmission speed. It will accelerate the analytics obtained after capturing an image. By including edge AI capabilities, ground operators can quickly supply adjusted tasking commands, mission objectives and AI models that deliver modified intelligence to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

“By integrating edge AI into our Sidus fleet of satellites, we expect to be able to provide government and commercial customers with near-real-time intelligence,” says Carol Craig, the founder and CEO of Sidus Space. “Edge AI implements advanced analytic methods such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in an edge computing environment.”

More specifically, the Exo-Space FeatherEdge AI platform uses a machine vision algorithm to identify objects within the field of view of an onboard imaging system. It works on the received images from the onboard camera and runs them through an advanced processor that hosts trained AI models.

“Processing will occur in space, prior to transmitting data back to Earth, and will enable our constellation to learn to prioritize the retrieval of useful intelligence so we can deliver efficient, actionable insights for critical data-driven decisions,” Craig adds.

Sidus Space earned a gold award in the space category of the 2022 Merit Awards for Technology. Merit Awards for Technology honor organizations and companies worldwide that develop technologies for everyday life.

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