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Edgeless Systems gets $5M to develop its secure Kubernetes platform

Edgeless Systems gets $5M to develop its secure Kubernetes platform

Edgeless Systems has secured $5.3 million in seed round funding with SquareOne as the lead investor. Other participants included angel investors such as Evan Weaver, Mirko Novakovic, Paolo Negri, Mathias Biilman and Chris Back. The company aims to utilize the funds to develop its Constellation platform and expand its footprint in the United States. According to Edgeless Systems, the goal is to become the “defacto standard” for a secure Kubernetes environment.

A few months ago, Edgeless Systems announced the general availability of its Constellation platform through the GitHub repository. This solution allows businesses to deploy end-to-end solutions for Kubernetes workloads with open-source technology.

Companies like Bosch, IBM and Intel have already adopted the Edgeless Systems’ Constellation platform. Further, the company is hosting the Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3) on March 15, 2023, where executives from Intel, Microsoft, AMD and Nvidia will discuss the future of confidential computing.

“By encrypting data all the time, even at runtime, and providing the best possible protection against infrastructure-based threats like malicious admins or co-tenants, Edgeless Systems can transform how developers build and secure their public cloud workloads,” says Felix Schuster, the CEO of Edgeless Systems.

With confidential computing, the Constellation platform has become a secure way to run Kubernetes applications. The platform utilizes confidential virtual machines to isolate and encrypt workloads to ensure optimal security. Moreover, it is compatible with all major cloud providers, such as Azure, GCP and AWS.

Confidential computing combines memory isolation and remote attestation to offer a new encryption feature at rest, in transit and in use. Remote attestation ensures that users can verify the authenticity of their applications and data and detect any unauthorized modification. This is made possible by using a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment that restricts access to the data.

“Edgeless Systems is already light years ahead of anyone else building the tools to make confidential computing easily accessible for developers in the enterprise,” says Georg Stockinger, a partner at SquareOne. “Its Constellation platform for Kubernetes is proof of its deep technical knowledge and first-mover position.”

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