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Semidynamics releases Configurator tool for customizing RISC-V processor cores

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Semidynamics releases Configurator tool for customizing RISC-V processor cores

Semidynamics, a company specializing in RISC-V solutions, has introduced the Configurator tool, a resource that equips customers to customize their RISC-V processor cores. This tool aims to change the development cycle in embedded systems and processor design, putting the customization capabilities directly with the customers. It represents a shift in how customers can design the processor cores.

When the company says “full core customization,” it typically means that customers can specify the desired configuration of their RISC-V cores. For instance, adjusting the cache size can help to reduce memory latency, while optimizing vector length can enhance parallel computing capabilities. Similarly, fine-tuning tensor length can improve data processing speed, and adjusting branch prediction can increase instruction throughput.

Semidynamics’ Configurator tool can streamline the prototyping and development process by leveraging pre-verified blocks to ensure a high level of reliability in any configuration. This pre-verification reduces the risk and time associated with developing custom cores.

“We are the only company offering fully customizable RISC-V IP cores, so there are many choices to be made by customers when specifying their requirements. Our new Configurator tool makes this process extremely easy for the customer to do on their own computer screen,” says Roger Espasa, chief executive officer at Semidynamics.

The customization follows a two-step process: base configuration and special feature implementation. Initially, the user defines the core base parameters in the Configurator tools, and then customers can specify additional and more advanced features. The company says its engineering team implements these custom requirements, ensuring the final product meets the customer’s requirements.

The Configurator tool also comes with visualization capabilities. The user can view the processor core layout, providing feedback on how each choice affects the overall design. This helps the customer ensure that the final design aligns with the intended application needs.

Recently, Andes Technology and Spacetouch Technology launched an AI audio processor–SPV60, which integrates the AndesCore D25F. Hu Yingzhe, the CEO of Spacetouch emphasizes that the combination of the Andes’ RISC-V core and Spacetouch’s audio processor IC bring innovation and possibilities to audio processing.

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