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Andes Technology, Spacetouch launch AI audio processor with RISC-V AndesCore D25F

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Andes Technology, Spacetouch launch AI audio processor with RISC-V AndesCore D25F

Andes Technology and Spacetouch Technology have revealed that the SPV60 series will integrate the AndesCore D25F as its edge-side audio processor. The companies say this collaboration combines traditional and intelligent audio, introducing a new generation of on-device AI audio processors.

According to the companies, the D25F is a versatile and efficient RISC-V core for embedded controllers. It performs well with configurable bus interfaces, and the Andes Custom Extension (ACE) adds further flexibility through customized instructions.

The Andes Technology D25F processor is a 32-bit RISC-V CPU IP core based on the AndeStar V5 architecture. It offers optional features like instruction and data cache and low latency local memory.

Hu Yingzhe, Spacetouch‘s CEO, emphasizes that combining the D25F RISC-V processor and Spacetouch’s AI audio processor IC brings innovation and possibilities to audio processing, embedded systems and mobile devices.

“With the processor IP and technical support provided by Andes Technology, the two companies have a good basis to form more successful cooperation in the future,” he asserts.

Meanwhile, the SPV60 series edge-side AI audio processor chips by Spacetouch utilize a heterogeneous multi-core architecture for handling tasks, especially audio processing. The companies say this design represents an advancement in AI audio processor chips.

The SPV60 series integrates the Andes D25F core, Spacetouch’s uDSP and AI NPU. Its high-frequency D25F CPU and 100GOPs NPU (Neural Network Processor) deliver efficient audio processing, while the uDSP core enhances digital signal processing performance.

The chip also features an audio AD (Analog to Digital) converter with a range of over 105dB. It includes a DA (Digital to Analog) converter, a direct-drive headphone amplifier module and various peripheral interfaces. Additionally, it supports AI algorithms such as noise reduction, echo cancellation, acoustic noise suppression and speech recognition.

Spacetouch notes that its SPV60 series chips provide high performance and low power consumption, ideal for embedded systems and mobile devices. With professional development support, these chips are now widely deployed in intelligent voice, smart headphones, professional audio and related fields.

Andes Technology’s chairperson and CEO, Frankwell Lin, highlights the ongoing collaboration between Spacetouch and Andes.

“We are very excited that Spacetouch launched this new generation edge-side AI audio processor chips in collaboration with Andes,” says Lin. “They continue to work with us to develop successful products while also providing helpful feedback on our processors and development tools.”

Spacetouch Technology, a China-based enterprise, specializes in MCU+ intelligent perception and algorithms. Its solutions cater to smart homes, traditional appliances and consumer electronics. Its SPT513 series gained traction in 2021, embraced by top brands such as Xiaomi, Honor, and Walmart, with millions of shipments.

Andes, a supplier of embedded processor IP solutions, is a key member of RISC-V International.

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