Arteris, SiFive design RISC-V processor IP for edge AI applications

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Arteris, SiFive design RISC-V processor IP for edge AI applications

Arteris, a system IP provider, has partnered with SiFive, a provider of RISC-V-based hardware and software solutions, to accelerate the adoption of RISC-V instruction set architecture into consumer electronics and industrial automation. The collaboration released the SiFive 22G1 X280 customer reference platform, which aims to deliver RISC-V-based edge AI high-performance system-on-chip interoperability.

The two companies integrated SiFive X280 processor IP and Arteris Ncore cache coherent interconnect IP to design the SiFive 22G1 X280 customer reference platform. In addition to this, the reference design also includes multiple peripherals to facilitate software development on the RISC-V Vector-enabled platform. This customer reference platform is compatible with the AMD Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU118 evaluation kit.

“There is a growing class of complex SoCs that require a combination of best-in-class processor IP with both non-coherent and coherent NoCs, and we look to extend our technical collaboration going forward to accelerate the development of intelligent edge devices,” says Phil Dworsky, the global head of Strategic Alliances at SiFive.

One of the main benefits of implementing the RISC-V instruction set architecture is its modular architecture. This modularity allows the user to integrate new instructions and features into the existing instruction set. Users can add or remove instruction set extensions per their requirements with this modular approach.

SiFive is a founding member of RISC-V International. The SiFive X280 is a multi-core RISC-V processor specifically optimized for AI compute at the edge. It is for applications that demand high throughput and single-thread performance while maintaining low power consumption. The SiFive intelligence extensions cater to machine learning workloads and deliver a performance of 4.6 TOPS.

“Our collaboration with SiFive supports our mission to be a catalyst for SoC innovation so our mutual customers can focus on dreaming up what comes next, creating innovative consumer electronics and industrial edge AI/ML products,” says Frank Schirrmeister, the vice president of solutions and business development at Arteris.

In related news, Adam Dolinko has been appointed the chief legal officer and senior vice president of Corporate Development at SiFive. With over 25 years of experience leading, negotiating and closing mergers and acquisitions, the company says Dolinko is a valuable addition to the team.

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