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Schneider Electric launches advanced uninterruptible power supply solution for home use

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Schneider Electric launches advanced uninterruptible power supply solution for home use

Schneider Electric, an energy management and automation solutions provider, has introduced the Back-UPS BE Series – 900 and 1050 VA, expanding its lineup of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). These units offer increased power capacity, ranging from 900VA to a new 1050VA option.

The company notes that in today’s interconnected world, maintaining seamless connectivity to a home network is essential, especially with the rise of remote work and the reliance on hardware like computers, routers, and modems.

Additionally, smart home devices such as security cameras depend on uninterrupted connectivity. The Back-UPS BE Series aims to address concerns about power disruptions by providing instant battery backup and surge protection for electronic devices in homes.

The new series features a sleek white design suited for modern home and workspace aesthetics. Key features include uninterrupted internet connection with over 100 minutes of runtime for network devices during power fluctuations, a stackable surface for maximizing space, and convenient charging options with two USB ports (Type A + Type C) for mobile devices. The battery is user-replaceable, enhancing ease of maintenance.

The user interface is designed for simplicity, with color-coded indicators signaling UPS status and a mute button to silence low-battery alarms temporarily, according to Schneider. Moreover, the series emphasizes sustainability, meeting ENERGY STAR UPS Version 2.0 specifications and complying with various energy conservation standards.

Michael Mahan, senior vice president of transactional and edge business at Schneider Electric’s secure power division, highlights the importance of reliable power protection.

He says: “With this reliable power protection and backup, people can continue doing the things that matter most, even during a power outage, while also reducing their carbon footprint. We designed the APC Next Gen BE Series to minimize clutter and maximize space while giving customers peace of mind to know that important appliances and devices will remain up and running no matter what, safeguarding against data loss or disruptions in critical functions.”

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