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Schneider Electric integrates Hailo-8 processor in its industrial automation solutions

Schneider Electric integrates Hailo-8 processor in its industrial automation solutions

Schneider Electric, a company specializing in energy management and automation solutions, has entered into a partnership with Hailo Technologies, an Israeli AI chip manufacturer. The collaboration aims to incorporate Hailo’s AI processors into Schneider Electric’s network infrastructure, enabling real-time data analysis at the network’s edge. The company notes it selected Hailo AI processors because of its low power consumption.

Schneider Electric anticipates that the integration of Hailo processors will empower them to leverage intelligence and efficiency in their industrial automation solutions. The integration aims to enhance operational optimization, predict maintenance needs, and improve the overall performance of their systems. Schneider Electric views this strategic alliance as a proactive step towards preparing for the future of advanced AI technologies and assisting industries in maintaining competitiveness within an increasingly digital landscape.

“The Hailo collaboration reinforces our commitment to innovation and next-generation technology. It signifies an important step in delivering intelligent, energy-efficient solutions that will shape the future of industries,” says Aurelien LeSant, senior vice president of innovation & technology and chief technology officer of industrial automation at Schneider Electric.

By leveraging Hailo-8 AI processors, Schneider Electric envisions achieving a sixfold acceleration in object detection tasks compared to utilizing central processing units. In the context of manufacturing operations, Schneider Electric aims to enhance the automated selection and positioning of objects, enabling the system to identify and handle items with increased efficiency.

Schneider Electric anticipates achieving an average 15 percent improvement in output and throughput. Additionally, the company places an emphasis on quality control, where it anticipates implementing classification processes at a rate 20 times faster than with conventional CPUs.

“We are proud to work with Schneider Electric, an industry pioneer that has recognized the transformative potential of integrating AI capabilities into its industrial automation solutions,” says Eyal Barnea, vice president of Business Development at Hailo Technologies.

Schneider Electric and Compass Datacenters have strengthened their partnership through a $3 billion agreement aimed at meeting the increasing demand for data center technology. According to the company, this collaboration will enhance the integration of the supply chain, streamline manufacturing procedures, and provide prefabricated modular solutions.

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