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Scale Computing, Reskube collaborate to ensure continuous operations for complex edge deployments

Scale Computing, Reskube collaborate to ensure continuous operations for complex edge deployments

Scale Computing, an edge computing solutions provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Reskube, a business continuity specialist. Together, they are leveraging Scale Computing’s infrastructure and Reskube’s resilient solutions to create robust edge computing deployments.

The significance of high-availability infrastructure in distributed edge cannot be overstated, as it addresses the challenges of downtime that can lead to financial loss and reputational damage, the company says. By combining their expertise, Scale Computing and Reskube ensure that edge systems can continue to operate, even during power or internet outages.

“While resilience is important for any infrastructure solution, it’s absolutely imperative at the edge where IT resources are limited, and system downtime is not an option,” says Craig Theriac, vice president of Product Management at Scale Computing.

The co-developed solution is tailored for IT managers and network-managed services operations teams. Its integration streamlines the management of distributed resources and ensures consistent visibility and control. For MSPs, the solution’s reliability and resilience in edge deployments help in meeting SLAs, according to the company.

Reskube, established in 2021, provides an all-in-one system with specific functionalities, including sub-10 ms failover crucial for maintaining IT equipment operations, and extended run time that can run critical devices for up to 20 hours on backup power. The system also features quick recharging, with only a two-hour recharge time.

“Together, we’re addressing the unique challenges of edge computing environments by providing a reduced footprint solution with fewer points of failure that is both easy to deploy and manage,” says Andrew Lawton, chief executive officer of Reskube.

Scale Computing recently partnered with AI EdgeLabs, an edge-native cybersecurity company, to integrate AI EdgeLabs’ security into the Scale Computing Platform’s (SC//Platform). The combined solution will create a platform that provides real-time threat detection, monitoring, and scalability with fleet management.

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