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Advantech, Phison collaborate to develop a GenAI computing platform for the edge

Advantech, Phison collaborate to develop a GenAI computing platform for the edge

Advantech, a provider of embedded computing solutions, has joined forces with Phison, a company focused on flash controller and storage solutions. Together, they are working on a new generative AI platform designed for industrial and edge applications.

This partnership will integrate Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ technology with Advantech’s existing edge AI platforms, resulting in enhanced support for scalable AI applications. The collaboration is particularly focused on advancing generative AI capabilities within industrial settings.

“The innovative SQ aiDAPTIV+ seamlessly incorporates Advantech’s Edge AI SDK and services, streamlining AI training processes by eliminating the necessity for numerous costly GPUs and VRAM,” says Miller Chang, president of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group.

According to Advantech, the integration is set to have a significant impact on the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, which is characterized by the automation and data exchange of manufacturing technologies.

With advanced GenAI capabilities at the edge, sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and infrastructure stand to gain from predictive maintenance, automated decision-making, and personalized customer interactions.

Chang adds, “Our collaboration with Phison is poised to lower barriers to entry in the AI sector, fostering greater accessibility to local AI computing and training.”

Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ technology utilizes NAND flash to expand access to large language model training. The approach employs model decomposition and SSD co-processing to enable the training of more extensive AI models.

According to Phison, this process reduces infrastructure costs and improves computation power by training significant AI models with limited GPU and DRAM resources.

Advantech recently launched the DS-450 edge computer, specifically designed for kiosk and workspace applications. The system is capable of showcasing UHD (4K) content with a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels, thanks to its Intel Atom J6412 processor.

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