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Red Hat takes on low-resource challenges with Device Edge platform

Red Hat takes on low-resource challenges with Device Edge platform

Red Hat has launched Device Edge, a platform for resource-constrained environments at the device edge. It caters to technologies such as IoT gateways, industrial controllers, smart displays, point of sales terminals, vending machines and robots.

The platform combines MicroShift, a Kubernetes project derived from Red Hat OpenShift, with an edge-optimized operating system. Red Hat Device Edge now includes the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for efficiently managing numerous sites and devices.

Francis Chow, the vice president and general manager of Red Hat in-vehicle operating system and edge, expresses his thoughts on the release. He emphasizes that Red Hat Device Edge is extensively tested by the community and verified by the ecosystem. It is designed to extend Red Hat’s hybrid cloud solutions to the most challenging edge use cases, he adds.

“With the inclusion of Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat Device Edge offers organizations tools for consistent and dependable automation from sea to space and everywhere in between.”

According to Red Hat, Device Edge offers benefits such as more predictability and repeatability in automating edge workloads, standardized and repeatable connectivity configurations, enhanced security and compliance posture, lowered barriers to entry for IT and OT teams and the ability to configure and audit devices and services as needed.

Red Hat has partnered with organizations like ABB, DSO National Laboratories, Dynatrace, Guise AI and Intel to deploy, test and validate Red Hat Device Edge’s capability to extend operational consistency across various environments.

Steve Tack, the senior vice president of Product Management at Dynatrace, commends the collaboration: “We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Red Hat to enable customers using Red Hat Device Edge to benefit from the Dynatrace platform’s AI-powered analytics and automation capabilities.

“As a result, customers can improve responsiveness, deliver more seamless user experiences, and boost the productivity of their cloud services, down to their lightweight Kubernetes environments at the edge.”

This February, Red Hat made its Ansible automation platform available on Google Cloud. The company says this integration gives users a straightforward IT automation solution that spans from the cloud to the data center and the edge without any extra complexity or special training required.

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