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Edgeworx Cloud aims to transform enterprise edge computing

Edgeworx Cloud aims to transform enterprise edge computing

Edgeworx, a startup that focuses on edge computing, has launched Edgeworx Cloud, an enterprise-grade platform that aims to simplify operations and offers privacy, security, low latency and localized processing at scale. It caters to businesses in need of remote orchestration, efficient data processing, and eliminates the complexity of customer-managed Kubernetes clusters and custom infrastructure, the company says.

According to Edgeworx, the platform offers a secure data plane for communication between devices and microservices. Users have full control over data, regardless of where it’s stored with the aim of providing privacy and flexibility.

In addition, the company says its hardware-agnostic agent simplifies the management of heterogeneous fleets by unifying maintenance efforts. With this platform, edge deployments and devices can be deployed and managed remotely, without the need for VPN or tunneling.

“Edgeworx made our edge node configuration and management easy and allowed us to focus our efforts on developing the software necessary to run our lab operations, rather than just focusing on managing our edge nodes,” explains Erin Lewis, the senior software engineer of Robotics Integrations at Strateos.

Edgeworx says its cloud platform solves the challenges of remote orchestration, localized processing and efficient data upstreaming. By streamlining operations and cutting costs, businesses can focus on innovation and growth, rather than worrying about edge computing architecting and implementation.

The company also claims to increase business ROI by eliminating the need for R&D, maintenance and extensive employee training.

In 2022, Hilco Streambank sought offers to acquire Edgeworx’s software and assets, including Darcy.AI, a tool that enables developers to build locally, deploy hardware and applications at the edge, and run AI software using the cloud.

Hilco Streambank’s CEO, Gabe Fried, states that the software is a comprehensive AI platform incorporating hardware and cloud tools.

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