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Red Hat launches advanced OpenShift AI platform for hybrid cloud environments

Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions, unveiled advancements in its Red Hat OpenShift AI platform, a hybrid artificial…


NTT, Red Hat, NVIDIA, Fujitsu unveil new edge AI solution for real-time data analysis

In collaboration under the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) initiative, NTT Corporation (NTT) and Red Hat, NVIDIA and Fujitsu,…


Schneider Electric, Intel, Red Hat jointly unveil next-gen open automation infrastructure

Schneider Electric, an energy management and automation solution company, has joined forces with technology giants Intel and Red Hat to…


Red Hat on navigating the frontiers of information with observability at the edge

The landscape of computing is changing and the concept of observability has become a cornerstone for ensuring the reliability, performance,…


Red Hat takes on low-resource challenges with Device Edge platform

Red Hat has launched Device Edge, a platform for resource-constrained environments at the device edge. It caters to technologies such…


Avassa becomes Red Hat Partner, collaborates on edge container management solutions

Avassa announced its partnership with Red Hat Technology and is working to develop solutions for managing containers at the edge….


Aarna Networks launches AES, a zero-touch orchestration as a service for edge computing

Aarna Networks, an edge computing and 5G management solutions provider, announced the launch of its Aarna Edge Services (AES) solution….


Scale Computing announces zero-touch provisioning feature for Fleet Manager

Scale Computing, an edge computing, virtualization and hyperconverged solution provider, has announced their zero-touch provisioning feature for its fleet manager….


Red Hat brings its Ansible Automation Platform to Google Cloud

Red Hat, an open-source software provider, has made its Ansible automation platform available on Google Cloud. With the integration of…


DH2i, Red Hat enable faster deployment of critical workloads across multi-cloud and edge environments

DH2i, a provider of always-on IT infrastructure, has partnered with Red Hat to enable the efficient deployment of edge workloads…

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