Red Hat, IBM Research integrate AI into Ansible IT automation with Project Wisdom

Red Hat, IBM Research integrate AI into Ansible IT automation with Project Wisdom

In collaboration with IBM Research, Red Hat developed Project Wisdom to integrate a unique set of artificial intelligence capabilities. Called Ansible, it’s an open-source community project that aims to automate IT workloads. Project Wisdom is also a community project that combines natural language processing, pattern recognition and knowledge graphs to automate IT development tasks.

According to an IDC FutureScape report, analysts expect that by 2026, 85% of enterprises will combine human expertise with AI, ML, NLP and pattern recognition to augment foresight across organizations. Project Wisdom educates beginners in Ansible and helps to expand automation’s reach through artificial intelligence.

“This project exemplifies how artificial intelligence has the power to fundamentally shift how businesses innovate, expanding capabilities that typically reside within operations teams to other corners of the business,” said Chris Wright, CTO and SVP of Global Engineering, Red Hat. “With intelligent solutions, enterprises can decrease the barrier to entry, address burgeoning skills gaps, and break down organization-wide siloes to reimagine work in the enterprise world.”

Project Wisdom is a user-friendly platform that translates plain English into automation content written in Ansible syntax. The tool builds the requested automation workflow with a focus on decreasing the complexity of enterprise IT as hybrid cloud adoption increases.

In the current automation ecosystem, the industry demands expertise in many domains. Both companies hope to bridge the divide between Ansible YAML and human language by utilizing Project Wisdom. This will allow users to generate functional automation content using plain English.

In the evolving edge computing landscape, enterprises struggle to monitor, manage and scale applications with IT challenges. These enterprises require IT automation, which does not require much manpower and expertise investment. Project Wisdom also targets enterprises using edge technology in their digital transformation journey to automate complex IT issues.

“Project Wisdom is proof of the significant opportunities that can be achieved across technology and the enterprise when we combine the latest in artificial intelligence and software. It’s truly an exciting time as we continue advancing how today’s AI and hybrid cloud technologies are building the computers and systems of tomorrow,” said Ruchir Puri, chief scientist, at IBM Research.

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