US Department of Commerce announces new IoT Advisory Board members

US Department of Commerce announces new IoT Advisory Board members

The US Department of Commerce has appointed sixteen experts to the new Internet of Things Advisory Board, tasked with advising the government on matters related to this rapidly developing technology. Board members include professionals from Microsoft, Harvard University, Consumer Reports and other organizations.

The board includes representatives from various disciplines and industries, including academia, industry, civil society and small businesses. It will advise the federal government on issues such as identifying any regulations or policies that may inhibit IoT development, opportunities and challenges for small businesses, and the potential benefits of IoT in areas like smart traffic, augmented logistics, environmental monitoring and healthcare.

The board members were selected based on their expertise in various relevant fields, including computer science and engineering, agriculture, law and data privacy. They will serve two-year terms, during which they will participate in regular meetings open to the public.

The following are the newly appointed members:

  • Benson M. Chan (Chair), Chief Operating Officer – Strategy of Things Inc.
  • Daniel W. Caprio Jr. (Vice Chair), Co-founder and Chair – The Providence Group
  • Michael J. Bergman, Vice President, Technology and Standards – Consumer Technology Association
  • Nicholas Emanuel, Product Manager – CropX
  • Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director of Research for Industry and Chief Technology Officer of Agri-Food – Microsoft
  • Steven E. Griffith, Senior Industry Director – National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • Tom Katsioulas, Chair – Global Semiconductor Alliance
  • Kevin T. Kornegay, Professor and IoT Security Endowed Chair – Morgan State University
  • Tom Katsioulas, Chair – Global Semiconductor Alliance
  • Debra Lam, Managing Director of Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Robby Moss, President and Principal Consultant – TGL Enterprises LLC
  • Ann Mehra, Adviser to Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University
  • Nicole Raimundo, Chief Information Officer, Town of Cary – North Carolina
  • Debbie A. Reynolds, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Data Privacy Officer – Debbie Reynolds Consulting
  • Maria Rerecich, Senior Director of Product Testing – Consumer Reports
  • Peter Tseronis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer – Dots and Bridges LLC
  • Arman Shehabi, Staff Scientist – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The advisory board not only has meetings open to the public but also invites public comments on the Board’s activities and views on IoT.

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