Red Hat, GM collaborate on edge software for vehicles

Red Hat, GM collaborate on edge software for vehicles

Red Hat and General Motors (GM) announced a collaboration to drive the development of in-vehicle software systems at the edge.

The innovation partnership will revolve around the integration of Red Hat’s cloud-native, enterprise-grade In-Vehicle Operating System into GM’s software-defined vehicle programs like Ultifi to accelerate their development. GM says Ultifi will enable more frequent and seamless delivery of software features, apps, and services by divorcing application software from hardware to offer application program interfaces for software development.

Among specific projects, It will aim to expedite the delivery of cybersecurity updates for in-vehicle software systems and make them more frequent with continuous functional-safety certification into the Ultifi platform. Additionally, the integrated software is expected to support in-vehicle safety and non-safety-related applications like infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems, body control and connectivity.

Overall, Red Hat and GM say their goals are to reduce costs from consolidation and reuse of software across a common platform, hasten the development cycle for a faster time-to-market schedule; and create a continuous functional-safety certification for systems related to safety applications, new services, business models, and revenue streams.

“With millions of lines of code sustaining critical systems like driver assistance, fuel economy and more, modern vehicles are more like mobile high performance computers than the cars of the past. The time to innovate is now,” says Francis Chow, Red Hat vice president and general manager of In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge.

“These new vehicles give our industries a chance to create a common open platform without sacrificing functional safety,” Chow says. “By collaborating with GM on the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System, we intend to bring the era of open source to the automotive world, benefiting automakers, ecosystem partners, and consumers.”

GM says Red Hat will participate in the phased release of Ultifi, which is scheduled for a 2023 launch. The American automobile manufacturer says all its vehicles will feature Ultifi starting in 2023, likely in a move to compete with the likes of Tesla with its software offerings. And the year following 2023, all new GM cars will have 5G connectivity from AT&T, further showing the company’s commitment to the edge.

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