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OSS to provide compute solution for Embark’s autonomous truck deployment

OSS to provide compute solution for Embark’s autonomous truck deployment

One Stop Systems has partnered with Embark, a provider of autonomous trucking solutions, to deliver a ruggedized compute solution for the company’s commercial autonomous truck deployment.

OSS’s AI Transportables technology addresses the growing global market for autonomous trucking, projected to reach more than $166 billion by 2035, according to PitchBook market research. The ruggedized compute solution from OSS provides the computational power and storage capabilities needed for all stages of the autonomous driving workflow.

Ben Stinnett, head of hardware at Embark, stated:

“Embark is commercializing autonomous trucks with an asset-light approach, focusing exclusively on developing autonomous software and partnering with industry-leading suppliers like OSS to integrate the highest quality hardware into our technology stack. The levels of performance and ruggedization of OSS AI Transportable products have helped us significantly advance the capabilities of Embark Driver.”

For example, the 3U SDS has three NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, an AMD Epyc 7003 series processor and a Gen 4 NVMe flash storage to quickly capture and transport data from the multiple sensors embedded on board an autonomous vehicle. This technology allows the truck to make real-time decisions while on the road.

These products provide robust and reliable performance in harsh, rugged conditions, making them ideally suited for use in autonomous trucking applications, according to the company.

OSS compute solutions, like the OSS 3U SDS-AT, are designed to work seamlessly with autonomous trucking software. These robust systems integrate directly with a wide array of sensors embedded in autonomous trucks, including LiDAR, radar, telemetry (GPS) and cameras.

“Our solutions also provide secure system monitoring and control, ground-breaking cooling technologies, and PCI Express scalability that supports a variety of trucks with varying amounts of sensors,” stated David Raun, OSS’ president and CEO.

Raun also spoke to EdgeIR about the autonomous vehicle opportunity earlier this year, noting that by gathering and processing data quickly and efficiently from these sensors, OSS solutions can help autonomous trucks make decisions on the road in real-time. For instance, once data from these sensors has been captured and processed by an OSS compute solution, it’s stored on an OSS storage solution such as Centauri.

This allows easy access to this critical information and enables central depots to transport and upload this data to the cloud. Once in the cloud, this information can be used by data scientists and machine learning algorithms to improve the capabilities of autonomous trucking software.

“We value the flexibility and partnership with OSS as we pursue our mission to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the trucking industry,” Stinnet added.

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