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OSS wins multimillion-dollar U.S. Army deal to develop a vehicle visualization system

OSS wins multimillion-dollar U.S. Army deal to develop a vehicle visualization system

One Stop Systems (OSS), a provider of edge computing systems, has been chosen to design and develop a vehicle visualization system with its Gen-4 PCIe switch technology. With this $1.3 million agreement, an OSS accelerator that harnesses its PCIe tech to reduce latency during data transfer will be integrated into army vehicles.

The announcement comes after the OSS achieved Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification 2.0 Level 2 internal control to store federal contact information and unclassified information securely. The company demonstrated this vehicle visualization system at the AFCEA West 2023 in San Diego, California, along with its AI transportable solutions.

“The U.S. Army chose OSS for its years of experience ruggedizing compute accelerators and powering them with the latest generation of PCIe technology and embedded GPU processors,” said David Raun, the chief executive officer of OSS.

OSS has plans to supply the prototype of the vehicle visualization system later this year. According to the company, this computer vision solution has Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin modules that make it future-proof for advanced AI capabilities, such as object recognition and hazard avoidance.

The OSS vehicle visualization system will deploy on U.S. Army ground vehicles, including the Stryker, Abrams and Bradley. According to OSS, many army ground vehicles have substantial blind spots, requiring multiple camera feeds and sensors to display on a monitor inside the vehicle for full coverage.

U.S. Army vehicles will have access to video feeds from numerous external cameras, with the potential for up to five separate monitors within the vehicle. This technology harnesses the in-house Gen 4 PCIe switch to facilitate real-time visual sensing by connecting cameras and monitors with minimal latency.

“Our superior high-speed PCIe Switch technology provides unmatched low latency compared to traditional fabric connections, with such speed being paramount for mission-critical government applications,” Raun added.

Earlier this year, OSS agreed to upgrade a radar simulation system to the U.S. Department of Defense. This $3 million deal includes the integration of the OSS 4UV compute accelerator system into its mobile radar systems and data centers at the edge.

OSS divulged that integrating AI algorithms to generate virtual simulations will amplify the system’s performance. Further, the firm stated this integration could advance the precision and velocity of anti-missile defense systems.

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