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OSS, TMGcore develop liquid immersion-cooled Rigel edge supercomputer for AI transportable applications

OSS, TMGcore develop liquid immersion-cooled Rigel edge supercomputer for AI transportable applications

One Stop Systems (OSS), a high-performance edge computing system provider, and TMGcore Inc, an immersion cooling technology solution, have joined forces to introduce a two-phase liquid immersion-cooled version of the OSS Rigel Edge Supercomputer. As the first two-stage liquid immersion-cooled supercomputer for AI portable applications, the company says it offers a unique combination of performance, efficiency, robustness and portability.

OSS president and CEO David Raun commented: “Although Rigel is currently the most compact supercomputer available in the market, as a leader in AI Transportables, we plan to leverage TMGcore’s EdgeBox technology to bring more compact, rugged and higher-performance solutions to market.”

By utilizing TMGcore’s immersion-cooled technology solutions, businesses can benefit from using non-conductive, chemically inert and non-corrosive fluids. With properties similar to water, the boiling point of the liquid reduces heat from electronics quickly, eliminating the need for large heat sinks.

Without heat sinks (and fans), transportable AI systems can fit into much more compact yet robust platforms. This makes it easier to achieve high performance in a small form factor and simultaneously reduces power consumption and noise levels, the companies say.

“Just like our patented immersion cooling technology solutions, Rigel’s powerful features are not available anywhere else. Bringing these two technologies together demonstrates the potential for a unique, compact, high-performance solution for the transportable edge,” stated Seamus Egan, the vice president of TMGcore’s government integrated solutions.

OSS plans to introduce several liquid-cooled models of Rigel two-phase immersion starting as early as the first quarter of 2023.

Recently, OSS made headlines when it was awarded a long-term program from one of America’s most influential Fortune 50 cellular service providers. This program involves delivering OSS hardware to mobile 5G AI applications.

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